I make you feel better


Don’t turn around
Don’t look back
At the black shadows
Behind you.

Just kiss me with your eyes.

Never believe what you see
Between the dark corners
Of your street
When Ghosts are on the loose.

Just marry me with your heart.

Never stop under a hanging tree,
Don’t let its arms embrace you,
Caress you,
It could be the beginning of the end.

Just love me with your spirit.

Don’t let your ears cheat on you,
They hear what they want to
And your mind is lying to you anyway.

Just open me with your wings.

Never create dividing lies
Between fear and love,
They’re melted together
Like the wings and feathers of a bird.

Just cover me with your faith.

Don’t be afraid of black tears,
They won’t make you blind,
They will cleanse your soul
And the world.

Just hold me with your love.

Listen to the night,
Its whispers are telling you the truth.
Take a ride on the roller coaster
Of disguised faces.

And touch me with your soul.


13.12.06 02:27

Love Is

Love is the light you wear,
The radiant shining in your eyes
Love is a drop of water in your palm, blue and clear,
The sweet smell of honey on your skin.

Love is morning with sun crushing in,
Sun that rose in the middle of the night
Love is feeling your words on my skin,
A sea of burning rays diving into it.

Love is my thirst to look into your eyes,
Hunger for the sound of your voice
Love is the touch that never dies,
The burning of your kisses on my lips.

Love is a warm breeze escaped from the cold,
A drop of dew moistening the wings of a bird
Love is the end of loneliness and the dark,
The thorn you put into my heart.

Love is you beside me, though so far away,
The perfume of a sweet illusion
Love is a night breaking into day,
The memory of something good without a shape.

Love is the yearning for all your soul,
The smells of roses and mist becoming one
Love is being home
Bewitched with spells of the hearth.

Love is fantasy turned into reality,
Water easing over stone
Love is knowing you with clarity,
Freedom of a bird in flight.

Love is passion, obsession and craziness,
Being delirious because of happiness
Love is a fever that burns inside,
A fire that eats up the mind.

Love is the flame that sets your heart on fire,
The final rescue of a forgotten soul
Love is stepping over the edges of desire,
A lost dream taking shape.

Love is music for the deaf and sunlight for the blind,
Looking through a kaleidoscope full of funny glass
Love is the sound of your voice in the night,
The air filled with your presence.

Love is the meaning of life and the reason to be,
A wave swimming in the middle of an ocean
Love is you, love is me,
Fear of losing you, though you..re here.


12.12.06 22:52

One day my heart simply sailed

While angels came to care for me

I hear their beautiful songs

I feel the ruffling of their feathers

Across my cheeks

With their eight foot dimensions

They have healed this broken soul

With their love they honor me

Songs I pleaded with the universe

To open all hearts of mankind

To open their souls to awakenings everywhere

For it is never about me anymore

But about all of the world awakening

And taking their shakles off

This soul emerges into greater depths of light

Beyond space, matter and time

My vision is on this place far away

Where the very dimensions of time, space and matter

Are way beyond

I come towards this beautiful place

Brightest smoke from light of heaven

Upon the clouds

A light penetrates the tree’s and gardens gently

Every kind of colorful flower and tree exists

There is this beautiful stream

That over looks rocks of every shape and size

The lilies are surrounding the brook

An iron emerald gate is open

To all who wish the paradise of above

There is this huge iron light mint gazebo

Surrounding white poles that hold it up

This is one of the places I come

And see every positive thing

I hear the glorious songs in harmony

Of the angels and their gifts

This is the place that heals me on every level

Heals all my sorrow and brokeness

It calls me to come, come as I am

It is here I am never misunderstood

For who this Dove is

To the glorious peace my heart feels

There is no piece of broken spirit

That the peace up above cannot clear

And rejoice within you

This is the place I long for

For we are all eternal

A place in our hearts

Is the place of wellness and inner peace

As the whispers of white light call

All is well

Yes, all is well…



26.11.06 04:01


Beautifully shaped little statues,
Sculptures made of graphite, ink or print
Are like a piano cascading notes.

Letters come to life by your hand
Melt as soon as they are born
Die engraved onto white surfaces.

Gracefully caresses your mind.
Can drive a dagger deep into your heart.

Neatly lined up in tiny rows
Can trap, seduce you,
Can be the crown’s thorns
Hurting and bruising you.

There are millions of them,
So tell me:

Why do I always struggle to find the right



29.9.06 02:53

Rose und Schmetterling

Wenn das weiße Morgenlächeln
über meinem Kelche hängt,
und der Frühluft leises Fächeln
sich in meinem Haar verfängt,
daß mein grüner Körperstengel
sehnsuchtschwer sich überneigt,
kommt ein schöner Falterengel,
der mit mir zum Himmel steigt.

Meine duftige Gewandung
wandelt er zum Flügelkleid,
über Tag und Mittagsbrandung
schweben wir durch lose Zeit.
Und wir schaukeln, und wir strahlen
unsre Seelen in die Luft,
füllen alle Blütenschalen:
er mit Farbe, ich mit Duft.

Rose Ausländer

10.5.06 03:13




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