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Love Is

Love is the light you wear,
The radiant shining in your eyes
Love is a drop of water in your palm, blue and clear,
The sweet smell of honey on your skin.

Love is morning with sun crushing in,
Sun that rose in the middle of the night
Love is feeling your words on my skin,
A sea of burning rays diving into it.

Love is my thirst to look into your eyes,
Hunger for the sound of your voice
Love is the touch that never dies,
The burning of your kisses on my lips.

Love is a warm breeze escaped from the cold,
A drop of dew moistening the wings of a bird
Love is the end of loneliness and the dark,
The thorn you put into my heart.

Love is you beside me, though so far away,
The perfume of a sweet illusion
Love is a night breaking into day,
The memory of something good without a shape.

Love is the yearning for all your soul,
The smells of roses and mist becoming one
Love is being home
Bewitched with spells of the hearth.

Love is fantasy turned into reality,
Water easing over stone
Love is knowing you with clarity,
Freedom of a bird in flight.

Love is passion, obsession and craziness,
Being delirious because of happiness
Love is a fever that burns inside,
A fire that eats up the mind.

Love is the flame that sets your heart on fire,
The final rescue of a forgotten soul
Love is stepping over the edges of desire,
A lost dream taking shape.

Love is music for the deaf and sunlight for the blind,
Looking through a kaleidoscope full of funny glass
Love is the sound of your voice in the night,
The air filled with your presence.

Love is the meaning of life and the reason to be,
A wave swimming in the middle of an ocean
Love is you, love is me,
Fear of losing you, though you..re here.


12.12.06 22:52

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